All teams participating in the Give Back Softball/Cornhole Tournament should abide by all official ASA softball rules EXCEPT those stated or highlighted below.  HOWEVER, remember this tournament is for CHARITY and is meant to be FUN.  Please remember this during game play and make sure the Number 1 rule is always to have fun.

Rules for Registering a Team:

  1. Each team must have at least 10 players (if you don’t have 10 players, NO PROBLEM, we will put teams together)!
  2. Each team must have a minimum of 2 girls, but more are always allowed!
  3. One girl must play in the outfield and one in the infield at all times.
  4. Cost for registration is $45 (Includes your specific team t-shirt, food and beverages and tournament participation).
  5. Teams must be in by the specified date.
  6. Each team must have a captain.

Rules for game play:

  1. 1 and 1 Count:Each player will start with one strike, and no walks will be given.
  2. Pitching: legal = 6-12 feet for coed & 6–15 feet for men. Pitch height is the discretion of the official. The pitcher must have one foot in contact with the Pitchers Plate while preparing to pitch and show the ball to the batter. The pitcher may then step in any direction to pitch the ball; however, one foot must be in contact with the Pitchers Plate at the time of release.
  3. Hitting: If a batter hits a foul ball after two strikes, that batter shall automatically be called out. If the foul ball is caught in the air, it is live and runners may advance. No intentional bunting or chop hitting. We will NOT be adopting the ASA rule supplement #22 – Foul Ball / Foul Tip.
  4. Outfield Rule(Co-Ed): There will be a hash mark placed on both foul lines with cones extending out through the outfield. When a female batter is at the plate, there may only be 6 defensive players positioned in front of the coned area (arc parallel to the infield cut out) UNTIL the ball is hit. Penalty: delayed dead ball.
  5. Base Running:There is NO STEALING or LEADING. A runner may not lead off and may not leave the base until the ball is hit.  If a player leaves the bag the player will be called out, at the discretion of the umpire.
  6. Extra Player:Any team that has more than 10 players may have as many EP’s (Extra Player) in the batting line up. The EP does not have to play the field but we encourage you to sub them in and out as often as possible to stay fair to those playing in the tournament.
  7. Home Run Rules: Three home runs will be allowed per game. If a player hits a homerun after the three allowed are hit they will be considered doubles.
  8. 25 Run Rule: In order to keep play moving a 25 run deficit rule will be enacted. A new inning will not be started if the losing team is down by more than 25 runs.  The game can keep going if both parties agree.
  9. Game Play Limit: A new inning will not be started after an hour and half of play. A warning will be provided by the official at 1:15.
  10. Bat List:We will follow the ASA approved bat list guidelines.
    1. Illegal Bats
    2. Legal Bats

Any player or coach, who contests a bat must call time before the pitch and have the bat investigated. Any batted ball will count if the bat is not contested prior to the at bat. Any player found to use an illegal bat will be asked to return the bat to their vehicle.

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