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The GiveBack Softball Tournament was by husband and wife Joe and Aurora Brunovsky.  The organization was formed in 2012 as an idea to give our friends and family a chance to give back to their local community and make a small difference in someone else’s life.  Joe and Aurora believe that it’s everyone’s duty to give a little to those in need and this is their way to Give Back with their friends and family.  This small idea has blossomed into a $10,000+ day event and has donated over $40,000 to organizations throughout out community.

Since it’s inceptions the GiveBack Softball Tournament has raised $40,000 for local charities since the first game. On a yearly basis we have around 100 players plus an additional 50+ friends and family in attendance.

It is our mission to do whatever we can to provide a fun, thoughtful and successful event for all that are interested in making a difference.  Please join us this year in raising funds for a local charity and see how you too can GiveBack!!

For more information on the event or find out how you can GiveBack please fill out the form below or Sign Up to Play:



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